2005 US Family Trip

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Jim, Maggie and Emily are travelling to the US this September 2005. We are using this wiki to coordinate scheduling during the trip. To schedule something with us during this trip, edit this page to add the proposed event and then email or call Jim for confirmation. (Simply click on the edit tab above to edit the whole page, or click on the edit button above a day to edit just one day. You do not need to create an account to edit, though it will help me know who made changes if you do.)

Contact information: Contact me by email at jlick@jameslick.com or by cell phone at 1-408-930-8474. You can contact Maggie by cell phone at 1-408-XXX-XXXX. (Number deactivated)

Please check this page later for updates. All scheduling is subject to change.

September 15 (Thursday)

7:50pm: Depart TPE flight BR18

4:20pm: Arrive SFO

5:00pm: Drive to San Jose

6:30pm: Arrive San Jose at Trent and Jenny's

Dinner: At Trent and Jenny's

September 16 (Friday)

Lunch: Pho

Afternoon: Jim at Shoreside

Dinner: Mexicali Grill

September 17 (Saturday)

Maggie shopping at Valley Fair

September 18 (Sunday)

Lunch: Willow Street in Los Gatos

Afternoon: Vasona Park

Dinner: Armadillo Willy's

September 19 (Monday)

Afternoon: Maggie shopping at Stanford

September 20 (Tuesday)

Lunch: Thai Garden with Eddie and Kaifu

Afternoon: Shopping at Peninsula Beauty, Mervyns and Stanford

8:00pm: Trent returns from Taiwan flight BR28

September 21 (Wednesday)

AM: Drive to Santa Barbara

Afternoon: Arrive in Santa Barbara

Dinner: Luigi's

September 22 (Thursday)

Lunch: Itsuki

7:00pm: Jim: SBWM Meeting

September 23 (Friday)

Breakfast: Pepper Tree with Ken and George

Dinner: Piatti

September 24 (Saturday)

All day: Oli, Andy, and Andrea come to SB to visit.

Afternoon: Beach

Evening: Drum Circle

Dinner: Moby Dick

September 25 (Sunday)

Lunch: Cafe Buenos Aires

Afternoon: Maggie and Emily shopping

Dinner: Mom's Macaroni and Beef

September 26 (Monday)

(Note: Limited net access this day, please call instead of email.)

AM: Drive to Anaheim

Afternoon: Check into Best Western Park Place Inn 6:00pm: Dinner with Aunt Ruth at North Woods Inn(directions)

September 27 (Tuesday)

(Note: Limited net access this day, please call instead of email.)

All Day: Disneyland

September 28 (Wednesday)

(Note: Limited net access this day, please call instead of email.)

9:00am: Breakfast with Nick at Captain Kidd's

11:00am: Drive to Sherman Oaks

12:15pm: Lunch with Jennifer at Sisley Sherman Oaks

1:30pm: Drive to Santa Barbara

September 29 (Thursday)

Afternoon: Shopping

Dinner: Tri-Tip from Country Meat Market

September 30 (Friday)

Afternoon: Beach and Chase Palm Park

Dinner: Stella Mare

October 1 (Saturday)

9:00am: Breakfast at Rosminah's

1:10pm: Serenity

Dinner: Freebirds!

October 2 (Sunday)

AM: Drive to San Jose

6:30pm: Dinner at Thai Garden with Selena & I-Hsin and Pom's family

October 3 (Monday)

Lunch: In & Out

Afternoon: Shopping at Great Mall

6:30pm: ABC Seafood dinner with Jerry Huang and Jamie Chang family

October 4 (Tuesday)

Afternoon: Shopping at Valley Fair

Jim buys Fiona Apple's Extraordinary Machine (DualDisc)

7:00pm: Dinner with Rick & Anna, Clint & Jen at Tomatina

October 5 (Wednesday)

11:45-1:30pm Thai lunch with chili-heads gang and Debbie

Afternoon: Shopping at Mervyn's, Smart & Final and Target

7:00pm: Farewell Dinner with Trent and Jenny and family at Red Lobster

October 6 (Thursday)

2:00pm: Drop off stuff at Shoreside, go to bank, get gas, drive to SFO

5:50pm: Depart SFO flight BR27

October 7 (Friday)

10:10pm: Arrive TPE