2008 US Family Trip

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Here is our evolving schedule for our 2008 trip to California.

Contact: Jim's Cell Phone 1-408-930-8474

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July 11 (Friday)

10:30 Depart TPE BR168

10:15 Arrive LAX BR168

Drive to Santa Barbara, arriving mid-afternoon

Lunch at Wendy's in Oxnard.

July 12 (Saturday)

Lunch at Luigi's

Afternoon at Chase Palm Park and beach. (Pride festival at park.)

Rusty's Pizza (delivery) for dinner.

July 13 (Sunday)

Breakfast at IHOP.

Drive to San Jose.

Lunch at Monterrey.

Dinner at Red Lobster.

July 14 (Monday)

Emily at Camp Galileo.

Lunch at Thai Garden with Eddie.

Dinner at Boston Market.

July 15 (Tuesday)

Emily at Camp Galileo.

Shopping at Target.

Lunch at University Chicken.

Shopping at Valley Fair.

Dinner with cousins at Korea House.

July 16 (Wednesday)

Emily at Camp Galileo.

Jim to meet miltownkid for lunch in Oakland.

Making dumplings for dinner.

July 17 (Thursday)

Emily at Camp Galileo.

12:00 Lunch with "Rascals" at Red Robin Santa Clara Rivermark.

July 18 (Friday)

Emily at Camp Galileo.

Drive to Santa Barbara

July 19 (Saturday)

Sarah in Santa Barbara

July 20 (Sunday)

Sarah in Santa Barbara

July 21 (Monday)

Breakfast with Ken and George.

July 22 (Tuesday)

July 23 (Wednesday)

Drive to Anaheim in afternoon.

Dinner with Aunt Ruth and Sarah.

July 24 (Thursday)


July 25 (Friday)

12:10 Jim Departs LAX BR167

Maggie, Emily, Grandfather drive to Santa Barbara.

July 26 (Saturday)

19:25 Jim Arrives TPE BR167

July 27 (Sunday)

July 28 (Monday)

Emily at UCSB Camp

July 29 (Tuesday)

Emily at UCSB Camp

July 30 (Wednesday)

Emily at UCSB Camp

Fiesta Starts

July 31 (Thursday)

Emily at UCSB Camp

August 1 (Friday)

Emily at UCSB Camp

August 2 (Saturday)

August 3 (Sunday)

Fiesta Ends

August 4 (Monday)

August 5 (Tuesday)

August 6 (Wednesday)

August 7 (Thursday)

August 8 (Friday)

17:30 Maggie and Emily Depart LAX BR11

August 9 (Saturday)

21:50 Maggie and Emily Arrive TPE BR11