2009 US Family Trip

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Here is our evolving schedule for our 2009 trip to California.

Contact: Jim's Cell Phone 1-408-930-8474

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June 22 (Monday)

19:20 Depart TPE BR2

16:05 Arrive LAX BR2

Drive to Santa Barbara, arriving early evening.

June 23 (Tuesday)

Grandfather and Emily go to park twice.

Pizza for dinner.

June 24 (Wednesday)

June 25 (Thursday)

June 26 (Friday)

June 27 (Saturday)

Drive to San Jose.

Lunch at Monterrey.

Arrive San Jose mid/late afternoon.

June 28 (Sunday)

Afternoon BBQ at the Parker's.


June 29 (Monday)

Emily: Camp Galileo

Maggie, Jim, Eddie and Kaifu lunch at Thai Garden.

June 30 (Tuesday)

Emily: Camp Galileo

July 1 (Wednesday)

Emily: Camp Galileo

July 2 (Thursday)

Emily: Camp Galileo

Tentative: Rascal's lunch.

July 3 (Friday)

Emily: Camp Galileo

After camp, drive to Santa Barbara.

Sarah drives to Santa Barbara.

July 4 (Saturday)

July 5 (Sunday)

July 6 (Monday)

July 7 (Tuesday)

Drive to Anaheim, check in to hotel mid-afternoon.

Dinner with Aunt Ruth and Sarah at Spaghetti Factory.

July 8 (Wednesday)


July 9 (Thursday)

Check out of hotel, have lunch.

Jim drives to airport.

Maggie, Emily, grandfather drive to Santa Barbara.

17:40 Depart LAX BR11 (Jim only)

July 10 (Friday)

22:00 Arrive TPE BR11 (Jim only)

July 11 (Saturday)

July 12 (Sunday)

July 13 (Monday)

Emily: Camp TBD.

July 14 (Tuesday)

Emily: Camp TBD.

July 15 (Wednesday)

Emily: Camp TBD.

July 16 (Thursday)

Emily: Camp TBD.

July 17 (Friday)

Emily: Camp TBD.

July 18 (Saturday)

July 19 (Sunday)

July 20 (Monday)

July 21 (Tuesday)

July 22 (Wednesday)

17:40 Depart LAX BR11 (Maggie and Emily)

July 23 (Thursday)

22:00 Arrive TPE BR11 (Maggie and Emily)